Housing Grants for Native Americans

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There are many grants and programs available for Native Americans who need housing. Some are offered by private organizations, some by specific tribes, and still others are available on the state and federal level.

Most are intended for Native Americans who can show financial need, and reduced living conditions or below poverty levels.

Indian Community Development Block Grant Program (ICDBG)
This particular program is designed to provide Native American tribes (as well as Native organizations applying for these programs on behalf of the members of the tribes) In addition, there are direct grants available specifically for producing working Native American and Alaska Native Communities. These grants may include, but are not limited to providing for suitable housing, appropriate living environment, and better economic opportunities, especially for lower and moderate income individuals and families.

Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) Program
This specific program consists of a formula grant that allows Native American groups or tribally designated housing entities (TDHEs) to offer a variety of affordable housing opportunities and options available on a reservation or designated Native American area. These programs are described and classified in what is referred to as an Indian Housing Plan (IHP) which is released each year and submitted to HUD for review and compliance with NAHASDA federally mandated guidelines. The Housing Choice Vouchers are available to low-income families to provide them with affordable, clean, safe rental housing.


Applications for grants and federally funded programs based on Tribal affiliation are normally made by applying directly through local Tribal offices. Grants that are administered by corporations or private groups generally require the applicants to apply directly to the corporate offices or organizations.
Public housing is available to make available clean, safe rental housing for qualified low income families with children, people with disabilities, as well as the elderly population that live on a fixed income.

On May 1, 2012 the Department of Housing and Urban Development had awarded $56 million in grant money in an effort to provide affordable housing for Native Americans, as well as to improve economic development in Native American communities.

There are two excellent publications available to aid recipients and staff alike in locating the best programs for assistance in affordable housing.
The first is the Grants Evaluation Guidebook (which is available on Adobe PDF, 259 pages) This helpful guide outlines the general procedures, guideline requirements, as well as useful tools and tips for the Grants Evaluation staff. The other publication referred to as the self-Monitoring Guidebook (Adobe PDF, 177 pages) which is very useful for aiding the recipient in meeting their self monitoring obligations under the rules and guidelines of the NAHASDA.

Grants Management Center
This office is responsible for processing, conducting reviews and also awarding categorical and formula grants to assist individuals and families. One of these programs includes the Housing Choice Voucher program (also known as Section 8). Native American individuals and families can apply for this program through their local HUD office as well as receive information about the Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP).
HUD published its strategic plan in 2010, which included 5 goals and organizational priorities. The plan was to provide a strong sense of direction for the community and create quality, affordable housing for Native Americans.

Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program was created to aid Native Americans and Alaska Native families in construction of new homes, purchasing homes, as well as rehabilitation or refinancing homes.
By encouraging lenders to guarantee loans 100%, to aid Native Americans, increasing the value of Native assets and improve the financial standing of Native Communities.