Native American Grants

There are a variety of grants available each year for Native Americans who would like to attend college. Many of these grants will cover a variety for costs, including tuition, housing, books and other incidentals. If any student is Native American and is looking for grants to go to college, he or she should research on the Internet the many opportunities available.

Native American students who are interested in attending college have many grants available for them. To qualify for many of these Native American scholarships, the student should be a part of a federally recognized tribe. In most cases, a Certificate of Indian Blood can allow someone to also qualify for the grants. If a person is at least half Indian, he or she may be able to qualify for federal student aid for Native Americans.

Many of these grants are need based grants, meaning that they are largely based on the student’s family income. Other grants may be merit based grants, meaning they are based on the academic performance of the student. This is another reason why students should work very hard in school to get the best grades possible. Other grants will be based on a variety of factors, such as what tribe the student is part of, the geographic location of the student or college, whether the student is the first person to have attended college, or the academic major of the student. The best part about finding grants is that normally, these funds do not have to be repaid. Many of these grants can range from a few hundred dollars to free tuition.

Native American students can receive grants from a private organization, from their local tribes or from the local and national government. With any of these grants, the students normally have to fill out an application, which will ask many questions such as, why they should be given the scholarship, the GPA of the student, any tribal affiliation and a description of extracurricular activities. There are several universities out there that have established scholarship funds for Native Americans. Normally, these funds can only be used at a specific university and for certain expenses.

If someone is interested in attending college, he or she should not let finances get in the way of them achieving an education. For example, the Gates Millennium Scholarship, established by Bill and Melinda Gates, provides funding for not only Native American Students, but other minorities. The American Indian College Fund will provide financial support for qualifying students. The US Bureau of Indian affairs can help guide anyone who is looking for information on college. If a student is looking for more scholarship opportunities, he or she should search the web. There are millions of dollars of scholarship opportunities available for students each year. Much of this money goes unused because students do not take advantage of the opportunities.

Remember that any Native American student applying for college should still fill out the FAFSA , to qualify for federal student aid. The FAFSA will let the student know how much he or she qualifies for in terms of federal student aid. This aid will come in the form of loans and grants. Once the student receives the loan determination, the student will know how much he or she will have to pay. The student can use outside scholarships and grants to then decrease the family obligation, or the amount of loans.

If a student wants to attend college, there are a variety of different grant programs that will help with the cost. Students should start very early and research the many grant opportunities available.